• Spellbind

    Good luck king of thieves, be assured you'll need it...


    Spellbind on Steam

  • Spellbind is a 2D first person point-and-click adventure game with casual elements.

    Now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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  • The Story

    You are Luppe, a 16 years old boy and head of the biggest gang of street urchins in the town of Riathon. You consider yourself to be the “king of thieves” and no one can doubt your stealth skills.
    One day Ricko, your biggest rival and head of an enemy gang, challenges you in front of all your followers. This is something you cannot defy. You have to accept the challenge and successfully complete it for the sake of your reputation.

    Ricko must not win!

    The Challenge

    Enter the cellar of Lord Amatar’s house and steal his oldest, thus the most expensive, bottle of wine.
    A challenge that sounds easy and possibly might be so, if only the owner of house had been someone else. Just knowing the name of the owner gives you goose bumps. But you are obliged to accept the challenge. Otherwise your name and your future as the “king of thieves” will be in danger.


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